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Drake look like a thumb with eyebrows, bruh.

  • <p dir=ltr> Drake: No new blogs, no new blogs, no new blogs. No, no, no, no.</p>



Square Enix is making a Final Fantasy XIII-3. But I have yet hear shit about a Kingdom Hearts 3.

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  • Clint: This is their photographer? He's 10!
  • Peter Parker: I'm 17.
  • Clint: Respect your elders, punk.


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Deadpool by *Jashinnkyo



Get it?

Fuck you then.

A thong just lying on top of a child’s homework….#NoBiggy #funny #lol #wtf #haha #Ghettioch #Antioch #Tennessee (Taken with instagram)

Then I hope you choke on a popcorn kernel…..or any food product procured from the movie concession stand. ;-)



Whip Cream Pouring Like Waterfalls.

Now try to sleep tonight. ;-)


This happens often