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I am Deadpool, I reblog what I want, comment on what I want, and do random, sometimes unnecessary things. Merc With a Mouth, I talk a lot...Like seriously A LOT. ....Ok? Cool? If not, I dont care. Where the fuck is my movie?!
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Michael Aita editor for Modern Age Comics #4 favorite comics character- Spider-man, I <3 New York

Spider-Manby ~Zonov

Artist appreciationJulian Totino Tedesco on Marvel Season One

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Oh god. 

You just git Pooled!

Can’t draw or write worth a FUCK.

Keep your ship tags out of Deadpool.


I tried to be nice ask Tumblr users that ship Spideypool to not tag it under Deadpool or Spider-man or at least add AU to the names but it seems like the more I ask the more they do it.

Fuck it, game on, mofos, game on. No more Nice Guy.

Childish Gambino AkA Donald Glover talks Black Spider-Man, Asian Ladies and Nerds

Top Badass Marvel Lady: MJ


I know that this is a major ship with huge fandom, but me being the Asian girl growing up in SE Asia I never really read marvel comics (I grew up with Doraemon and Sailor Moon. Oops.)

BUT I am always open to new ships (especially one with tons of hot fanarts and hot sex with…

That link^ is summarized as so: Sense Spider-Man and Deadpool have work together a few times, they would mutually fall in love for NO apparent reason. Even though canon wise Peter Parker can’t really stand Wade…


Who came up with it, why, and where does he live, so I can murder him or her.

I look thru the Deadpool tag and I see Peter Parker’s penis in Wade’s butt. Why?! Why do my eyes burn!!!!!!!!

Spider-Man and Deadpool


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