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Gonna Have A Bad Time

Gonna Have A Bad Time



Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Through the Matrix trailer 

“Whoever you are, I can feel your presence through the Matrix.
I ask you— No, I order you: help us in this dire time of need.” - Optimus Prime


Can I just take a moment to note how incredibly foreign ‘ordering’ anyone to do anything is to Optimus’ nature?

Even after becoming a Prime, even with the entire fate of his planet and his species depending on him, his first instinct is still to ‘ask.’ And it’s a sign of how incredibly desperate he is – of how incredibly desperate they all are, of how incredibly desperate their entire situation is – that he does ‘order.’ He orders another sentient being into war, into the pain and the destruction and the horror of the conflict tearing their world apart. Into a struggle that is, in so many ways, already lost.

Because, in the end, he has no other choice.

You are drunk, krakenbell, go home….

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Gurimurokku! by *Ghotire and ~Natesquatch on Deviantart.

ME GRIMLOCK!!!!!!!!!

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TFP Cybertron golden age by yura Kim

Orion pax , Megatronus, Ratchet, Soundwave

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New Avenger / Transformers
Great panel with Wolverine, Doctor Doom and Starscream

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