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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Through the Matrix trailer 

“Whoever you are, I can feel your presence through the Matrix.
I ask you— No, I order you: help us in this dire time of need.” - Optimus Prime


Can I just take a moment to note how incredibly foreign ‘ordering’ anyone to do anything is to Optimus’ nature?

Even after becoming a Prime, even with the entire fate of his planet and his species depending on him, his first instinct is still to ‘ask.’ And it’s a sign of how incredibly desperate he is – of how incredibly desperate they all are, of how incredibly desperate their entire situation is – that he does ‘order.’ He orders another sentient being into war, into the pain and the destruction and the horror of the conflict tearing their world apart. Into a struggle that is, in so many ways, already lost.

Because, in the end, he has no other choice.

You are drunk, krakenbell, go home….

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Gurimurokku! by *Ghotire and ~Natesquatch on Deviantart.

ME GRIMLOCK!!!!!!!!!

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Hi soundwave , i love you


Hi soundwave , i love you


TFP Cybertron golden age by yura Kim

Orion pax , Megatronus, Ratchet, Soundwave

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New Avenger / Transformers
Great panel with Wolverine, Doctor Doom and Starscream

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Some of my favorite cartoons, books, comics and the characters that are within them GAY?! 

I search Deadpool tag and I see Webhead or Cable fucking him in the ass or put in Starscream he is getting fucked by SkyFire with a glowing mechanical penis. Seriously? FUCKING SERIOUSLY?! Why?! How does that turn you on? There are other examples, Im just tired and tired of thinking about it, fucking with my emotions, my childhood even.

No, Im not homophobic, just wanna know….

What is the POINT?