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Love it #MMA #Fight @baileys_rivergate having fun with my #compadres

Have SO much power, control and ability that we don’t use for betterment, understanding and communal enlightenment. We stagnate in a cesspool of complacency and complain about what we want to see changed in this world but do nothing.

What would happen if we stood up for our morals, beliefs and codes of honor? There are a lot of examples around the world: The powers that be would HAVE to make way, give into us or slaughter their future income to keep the status quo the same.

They need us to be lazy, submissive, and comfortable, so that things stay rigid and not flowing. Right now we are the water behind the dam biding our time and gathering strength to crash and shake the weakening facade they’ve placed to hold us back. Question is what to do.

I FUCKING want more from life.

Goku and Vegeta vs Marvel Universe
Who would win?!

Goku and Vegeta vs Marvel Universe

Who would win?!

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Goku v Vegeta Vintage Poster by ~TorrenKlaimer

*actual power levels may vary depending on intensity of fight

Posting this in honor of Toonami Aftermath’s streaming of the fight between Majin Vegeta and Goku.


Spider-Man and Deadpool


Ishida vs. Hollow

Bleach ain’t that great of an anime but this artwork is superb.

Quit being a bitch, Wade!


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