Mercalicious, Bitch! Please enjoy.

I am Deadpool, I reblog what I want, comment on what I want, and do random, sometimes unnecessary things. Merc With a Mouth, I talk a lot...Like seriously A LOT. ....Ok? Cool? If not, I dont care. Where the fuck is my movie?!
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5am and I’m here.

Because I’m vain.

It’s necessary, its an important part of the foundation of McLoving. I swear, go Wiki it, bruh.

I think you’re lying, my Blackdar is on and beeping.

Who would kiss this face? I would, I would….

Going out and feel confident! I love purple……

slut-overload Mah face, you don’t want none lol

Selfish #selfie

Random Selfie

Really don’t know what to do with my #hair, should I get #braids or #dreads?

Another pic of me, I’m on a roll!!

Another pic of me, I’m on a roll!!

A decent picture of me.

A decent picture of me.

wookielovesyou, you tell me. Lol :-D

Mah Face for my new followers, look I’m sorry if you vomited, ok?

There you go, anon, happy now? Lol

Here’s my face……don’t lose your lunch..

The ask got 10 notes lol