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The Flash #1 New 52


Spider-Man VS Venom by Elliot Fernandez

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Hello, Tumblr! Dusting this bad boy off to bring you a little treat.

Raw, unedited mobile snapshot of the impromptu quickie Marvel Red Team shoot we had at Dragon*Con this year. I had to keep explaining to them (while they begrudgingly acted out my silly poses/directions) that this was for the Internet. And it is!

To my knowledge, this is the first actual/intentional Marvel Red Team costume photo so far, probably due to the shortage of Daredevil costumers out there. Not sure where they’re hiding, but I managed to snag one.

Costumers are:

ironparadigm - Deadpool

John F - Spider-Man

Rick L - Daredevil

I’ll play around with PS to see what I can do with uploading and polishing more. I love the idea of a “Marvel Red Team” (because it doesn’t and shouldn’t end with Suicide Kings), so this had to happen!


More Friendship!Spideypool

Spiderman is just the most friendly superhero ever, I think. He becomes allies with EVERYONE. Whether he wants to or not.


Luke Cage (2012)

directed by John Singleton

starring - Isaiah Mustafa

sizzle reel by IHS7




When does cosplay become continuity? The best characters take on a life of their own. Between pages. Between scenes. A good myth like “Batgirl” is just a facade anyhow. A starting point. Barbara Gordon can slip on the mask just like Yvonne Craig. When you’re lost in a good book, isn’t it really your own voice you hear speaking the lines? Fans and characters are part of the same equation. Just because it wasn’t on-panel doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  
[Prints available at Society6]

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The speedsters bloodline.


The speedsters bloodline.


Vicious Green Goblin sketch from not too long ago.